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About me

I joined Karate at the age of 7 have been training since then. I began taking it seriously and competing competitively at the age of 14 which is when I grew to love the Martial Art. It has helped me become a determined and disciplined individual because of the endless hours of training and the intense competitions. 

Around the age of twelve, I found an interest in film editing and content creation. I have since dedicated many hours to improve my skills and grow as a filmmaker, graduating NAIT in April of 2021, and receiving a diploma in Digital Cinema.

Since then, I have been developing my career as a professional videographer and the combination of my skills outside filmmaking has allowed me to become a driven and dedicated person to each project.


Skills & Certifications


-NAIT Digital Cinema Diploma (2021)

-Knowledge & proficiency with Adobe creative cloud programs such as Premiere Pro, Audition & Photoshop.


-Computer expertise in editing,  sound design, and video rendering.

-Self-taught stop-motion animator.

-Extensive experience with photography, cinematography, gimbal and drone operation.

I create visual media to promote businesses, weddings, events, and other content. I offer different prices based on what you may require for your video or photo shoot. Let's work together and design something amazing to promote you!

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